Photo Credit: Original Image by ESA/Hubble.

Photo Credit: Original Image by ESA/Hubble.

APRIL 14, 2015

A Theory of Nothing

Scientific theories surround how the universe started. The Big Bang, it’s been called. And what was there before the Big Bang? Nothing, brilliant minds have said. No existence, nothing but emptiness. The universe came from nothing.

Pondering this, I have asked myself: Is ‘nothing’ truly empty? To extend the thought further, what is emptiness? What is silence? What is nothing?

In meditation practice, it is an aspiration to clear one’s mind from the chatter of our thoughts, to strive for nothingness. To allow ourselves to dive into ‘the void’ for in that very emptiness can emerge the wisdom within. All we need to do is listen. Wisdom is often whispered, until we achieve the depth of clarity that allows us to hear more emphatically.

And so it is I believe, that in nothing lies everything. And that to access everything, one must be ready to listen to nothing. I know it sounds like a play of words, but I invite you to think about it.

Are you ready to dive into nothingness? Are you willing to explore the silence in your soul that could just be waiting to provide you with the messages you seek? How about allowing yourself the experience of getting acquainted with emptiness and nothingness? Sit in the void. See where ‘nothing’ might lead you.

Inside the space of Nothing, I experienced the existence of Everything. (The capital letters are deliberate.)
What could ‘Nothing’ be for you?

©2015 Copyright Margie Santos