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AUGUST 19, 2015

Pondering Identity: Who Am I?

I know it’s premature to say this, but the end of this year comes in less than 5 months. To say that time flies can’t completely capture the passing of our lives and our years. It’s all happening in the blink of an eye, faster than flying, more quickly than many of us are ready to face.

I’m posing the questions I’ve been asking myself: Where is my life heading? What am I creating in the world? Who am I becoming?

And what’s turned out to be the hardest: Who am I?

In recent months, the news has filled us with discussions around identity, focused on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, family. I hope these conversations continue to open minds and hearts around not only the acceptance of our differences, but a celebration of our diversity as unique, creative, vibrant human beings. For in our so-called differences lie the core of our sameness – we are all human.

But is being human all that we share? Or are we more than our eyes can see?

Is who you are what you do? What you own? What defines you beyond your accumulations, possessions, and creations? Are you your life experiences or upbringing, your beliefs, values or even your choices? Does the answer evolve over time, or does the wisdom exist in the depths of our souls?

Who do you see looking into your own eyes? Can you consider yourself beyond being human and more as divine creation, perhaps divinity in mortal form? By extension, can your eyes open to seeing yourself as creator … of your life and the world around you?

Looking within, who do you see? Who are you?

And looking around this world we’ve created, is this who we are?

©2015 Copyright Margie Santos