Couples Therapy

When two people come together, each person brings not only their unique personality and life experience to their relationships. Each one also brings their family history, childhood wounds, fears, hopes, and dreams. It is exactly the complexity of each of us as human beings that bring challenges to the relationship … challenges that can either break or make the relationship stronger.

Together, we will work on exploring who you are in relationship, both parts of yourself you know and those that have been kept so hidden (sometimes even from yourself) that only surface during conflict. We’ll work to rebuild and strengthen the emotional bonds that keep all relationships alive. Sometimes, couples come to therapy to work towards an amicable resolution to a parting of ways that they have agreed to be the best course of action. This way, both people are able to move on with less acrimony, bitterness, anger, and pain.

– Couples with different ethnic, racial, or cultural backgrounds