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DECEMBER 30, 2015


Another new year is upon us. Like all new years past, the days turned into weeks which moved into months that have flowed into years. Where has time gone? Where have our lives taken us?

At this time of year, the tradition has been to take stock of the waning year and to make goals for the new. What I’d like to suggest is to take this moment to simply breathe into the flow of life. Without judgment on what went well and what didn’t, what worked and what were disappointing, just flow. Flow with what was and what is. You’ve managed. You’re still here. For now, if only for now, let that be enough. Breathe and flow.

As you move into the gentle rhythm of your breath, focus on your exhalation. Exhale and release. Release regret, thoughts of “should have, could have”, everything you may be holding onto that needs to finally flow away. You know what those are. It’s time to let go. Exhale the past year. It is done.

As you move into inhalation, breathe in gratitude. Like the flow of a gentle breeze, draw into yourself everything that provides you with calm and peace. Take in life. Appreciate that you are alive. Recognize your worth. Take it in.

As we together flow into 2016, may these words bring hope and light into all the places of possibilities in our lives.

In Peace,


©2015 Copyright Margie Santos