DECEMBER 10, 2014

Letting Go, Letting In

The end of the year provides us with the opportunity to look back at how our lives unfolded over the past 365 days. What did we gain or lose? What made us feel alive? Can we think of people and experiences that helped us grow or did we live our days devoid of purpose or passion?

However we choose to determine what constitutes a life well-lived, it is exactly that, a choice … a courageous choice to determine with honesty and humility if the days mattered or were simply futile. Did this year spark our spirit or did drudgery take its toll?

Whatever our answer, it’s all soon to be in the past. With the new year ringing in shortly, what can we finally leave behind and let go? What no longer serves our highest good that we can now choose to release? Have we thought of what to take with us for our continuing journey ahead? What are we ready to let in and receive?

Here are ways to help you discern:

  • What gives you joy? What constitutes your peace? What activities in your life do not, or no longer, contribute to your joy and peace? What can you let go to let in what you deserve?
  • Which of your relationships continue to support you? From whom do you find love and acceptance? Is it time to let go of toxicity in your life and choose to provide space only for those who can help you be your best self?
  • Do your beliefs hinder you or propel you forward? What self-limiting habits can you release, such as self-doubt, negative self-talk, and crippling self-judgment? What can you do for yourself that can turn you into your own cheerleader and best friend?


Bring on the start of all that can be new and great in your life. You’re in the driver’s seat. Empower yourself to make the choices that will propel you to live the life that’s best for you.

©2014 Copyright Margie Santos