Individual Therapy

What needs to change? What is no longer working in your life and relationships?

Through a unique blend of emotional work, tools and techniques backed by the latest in neuroscience research, and energy healing, we’ll work together to get to the core of your depression, anger, shame, anxiety, sadness, helplessness, and confusion.

I support you through your process of healing, helping you acknowledge your personal power to make positive choices and changes in your life. For you are truly your own best healer and master of your destiny.

You will realize that you have the ability to transform your pain into personal strength and resilience, the wound of childhood into self-acceptance and love, and your self-doubt into courage.
You can find your sense of peace and joy. You deserve to be happy.

Specifically, I provide therapeutic and emotional wellness support to:

– People overwhelmed by change and challenges in their life, who are feeling stuck, isolated, confused and hopeless
– Individuals having relationship difficulties and anger issues (at home and work)
– People going through career change or job loss, separation, divorce
– Immigrant individuals / children of immigrants (second- or third-generation)
– People with family history of intergenerational trauma (cultural or historical experiences)
– People experiencing loss, grief, bereavement