JANUARY 6, 2015

Now Is The Time

Right now, as you’re reading this, just stop. Stop a moment and simply breathe. With this awareness of your breath, be fully conscious that this is what’s keeping you alive. We take our breathing for granted, much like we take living for granted. What if, just what if, your breathing suddenly stops? What would be the last thing on your mind?

    Holy s***t! What’s happening?
    Oh no, not now! Not yet!
    What about all my plans for retirement?
    Hold it, I forgot to do this one thing …


Sounds absurd doesn’t it? And yet, we plan for everything except the one thing that will happen someday, sometime, guaranteed. Our last breath. It has been said that the instant we take in our first lungful of air as newborns starts the countdown to our last breath.


Now, how can I be writing about a subject so morose at the start of the year? That’s because Now Is The Time to stop just simply breathing. Now Is The Time to be alive and awake. The questions we may want to ask ourselves are: What does it mean for me to be alive? What am I living for? What will I leave behind that could possibly be more than dust and ashes?

For sure, this message is one you’ve heard before. Consider this a reminder, no, a wake up call. What are you waiting for? The past is done. The future can’t serve you yet. Living for tomorrow binds you to a continuous unknown.


    What’s holding you back? If you can imagine those restraints gone, what would you be doing? Now Is The Time for expansion and exploration. Whatever you’ve been told about not being good enough, or capable enough, or talented enough and everything else about not being enough … it’s time to listen to your own supportive messages. You deserve to feel alive and happy. Yes you do.


    What are you afraid of? If you are worried about what other people are going to say, then I assure you, those folks are not going to be lending you their breaths when it’s your time. In fact, they can’t do anything to hurt you through their judgments if you don’t consent to giving them that kind of power over you. Now Is The Time to know that you are powerful and capable beyond measure.


Again, stop a moment and breathe. Within the silence listen to what you hear inside as you ask, what makes me feel alive? A new year holds all the possibilities for fresh starts and new beginnings. Don’t take each moment of being alive for granted. This is my hopeful, happy wish for us all as we embrace the start of 2015.

©2015 Copyright Margie Santos