MARCH 12, 2015

A huge part of assisting people as an individual and couples counsellor/psychotherapist is searching the shadows of my own thoughts and emotions to reveal what I need to bring to light, in order to heal. For one can only recognize what one knows; and so to help others through their pain, I too, need to know and hold my own.

I wrote this poem while training in psychotherapy, when sadness and pain surfaced in my own therapy. I share these deeply personal words in case you too, could use some acknowledgement of your own losses.


        I am floating on the wide expanse of sea
        Blurry mists
        Crashing waves washing me out farther from now distant and once-safe shores.


        Soothing, caressing, warm waters that heave and sigh
        They flow out from me
        Soft drizzle pounding into a silent scream.


        I am floating on the sea of my tears.

        I gasp beneath the wide expanse of my grief.
        Murky depths into my own no-man’s land.
        Nowhere to run, no place to hide
        Everywhere I turn I see It, reaching out with the desperate plea of the unwanted.


        “Look at me,” It says, “I am here.”

        I turn and lash, “I do not want you.”

        I am floating on the wide expanse of my tears
        A sea of pain
        Turbulent night, roar of thunder


        When do I see the break of day?

        ©2015 Copyright Margie Santos