Gold leavesOCTOBER 30, 2015

Transforming Yourself Into Gold

At this time of year in the northern hemisphere, the leaves are waving their final farewell. When fall arrives, there follows the dread of winter, but while every year we know the change in seasons is inevitable, we still need to adjust ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. Change needs getting used to.

For some, adjusting to change is an acceptance of the natural flow of life like the seasons. For others, change can only mean pain and discomfort. When we flail rather than accept, rage rather than surrender, change becomes an enemy to be wrestled with and fought.

But, back to the leaves. No words can describe the burst of red oaks and golden maples. Only upon a recent walk through the trees did I realize how these colours were, uncannily, symbolic of change in our own lives.

Take the fiery energy of red. The process of change has been described as “going through fire”. In our human experience, we can relate pain, loss, shame as ‘going through fire’. No one is spared from life’s changing cycles, but fire being the element of transformation, we can choose how the fires in our lives will affect us: we can turn into ashes or come out from the blaze better, wiser, brilliant.

Then there is the magic of alchemy and the secret of transmuting lead into gold. What is your definition of turning into gold? I see it as emerging from the flames glistening in courage and strength. Many define strength as tough or forceful. I see it another way. I regard the strongest of people, the ones who walk around glowing like gold from the fires of their lives, as the softest of individuals, compassionate, kind, and gentle. I see them as powerful in their sense of self, gleaming in their wisdom and generosity, indestructible spiritual beings finally making sense of their human experience.

We all can transform ourselves into gold. Wherever life’s fires come from, we can weather the arduous journey if we so choose, and emerge from the blaze glistening with strength, wisdom, softness.

I share this with every person who has gone, or is going, through fire in their life, and may be turning into gold and do not realize it.

©2015 Copyright Margie Santos