September blog

SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

Clearing Out Clutter

The desire to downsize, declutter, and organize seems to be much talked about these days. Indeed, in a world where people have become attached to what they own, there has emerged a powerful and opposite viewpoint against being owned by what we own. In other words, out with “stuff” and in with keeping only what’s important, meaningful, and joyful in our lives.

It’s more apparent in the cleaning out of our physical spaces, but what about our mental and emotional spaces that are as cluttered, perhaps even more so, by needless “stuff” that have accumulated over the years. “Stuff” like blame, judgment, and negative self-talk. What about the piles of painful experiences we’ve clung to with resentment, guilt, or endless rumination?

By making space for ourselves both inside and out, we clean out what no longer serves us. We let go of what has held us back from the experience of meaning and joy in our lives. What needs to finally go to make room for the new in your life? What needs purging? I believe we all deserve this space of sacredness in and around us, a place where peace can flourish, where quiet flows.

What does your space need to clear out? If all the “stuff” feels difficult to unburden, you can choose to observe and allow your resistance to letting go, without judgment. Acknowledge, with compassion, your desire to hold on and need to keep. With honesty and courage, look gently at who, what, and why you cannot let go. Perhaps where you are in this moment means settling into the calmness of acceptance rather than charging through the turmoil of overwhelm.

When you are ready, you’ll know what to keep and what you’ll choose to let go. You’ll breathe easy.

©2015 Copyright Margie Santos